i have to get a state inspection it will literally take 15 minutes of my life i am literally dragging my feet rn


when you see a pretty anime boy from a show you don’t watch on your dash like

mickey milkovich + tank tops


I have the fervour of myself for a presence
and my own spirit for light;

H.D., Eurydice VII

"katie is literally the only person i’ve ever heard who responds to her netflix" - jeesoo

You know he is literally, literally married to Svetlana, but he is actually married to Ian as far as where his commitment and his heart and his everything is at.”


Beyonce - Countdown (2nd version)

*takes one good photo* posts on all blogs, posts on all social media accounts, makes wallpaper, sends to friends, prints out and frames, emails to obama

It’s Steve now..

It’s Steve now..